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Selected Projects


Auditorium and Conference Room
Upgrade and Repair Feasibility Study

Scope: prepare State-of-Good Repair Report; building code review; audio/ visual equipement evaluation; acoustic evaluation; provide 3 retrofit programmes with Class 'D' costing

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Techwave Communications, A/V; Sereca/ Larden Muniak

Consulting Inc., building code; AW Hooker, quantity surveyor

Client: MLPM

Common Elements
Washroom Renovation

Scope: replace interior finishes of 54 washrooms on 13 floors; mould and asbestos abatement; phased construction to minimize interference with tenants; universal design accommodation for specific users

Role: architect

Contractor: Quad Pro Construction Inc.

Client: MLPM

Gabiani Hair Moda
Ottawa, Ontario

Scope: tenant fit-up for hair salon in new commmercial condominium unit

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: M&E Engineering, mechanical & electrical; Lanvain Design, interior

Contractor: Terlin Construction Inc.

Client: Gabi Bakahos

Revelstoke Design and Build

Front and Rear Addition

Scope: design and construction drawings for contractor's storage shed and 2 storey front addition

Stephen's Role: provide review of design for proposed additions to house converted to commercial office

Contractor: Revelstoke Design and Build

Client: Revelstoke Design and Build

Il Panetone Restaurant
Toronto, Ontario

Scope: new restaurant in existing century old commercial building

Stephen's Role: after the permit drawing designer failed to help the owner during the construction, I was asked to assist the owner in gaining certification of their pizza oven, improvement to the electrical service and sub-metering to the kitchen, and provide witness to the building code requirements which were landlord's responsibility

Commercial Building - Interior Alteration Ontario

Commercial Building - Interior Alteration

2374 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario

Scope: demolition of interior finishes; structural alterations; new HVAC system for ground floor and second; open up floor plan for 245 sq.m. commercial and office space

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Konsolidated Structural, structural; JCJ Mechanical, HVAC

Client: Jared Rogers

Commercial & Office Tower
Wayfinding Signage

Scope: provide new interior signage for public use office building with commercial tenants

Stephen's Role: architect

Contractor: Canadian Sign Systems

Client: MLPM

Commercial Building - Permit Close-out

5366 Yonge St., North York, Ontario

Scope: after the building permit for the condominium sales office failed to close, a condition of sale for the building, I was asked to provide construction review of the completion of permit deficiencies

Stephen's Role: architect

Contractor: Richard Wilson

Client: Robert Beaumont

Commercial Storefront Refurbishment

383 Adelaide St. West

Scope: new ground floor storefront and second floor entry door

Stephen's Role: provide renderings and working drawings for construction

Consultant: Terence Van Elslander Architect

Client: Allied Properties Real Estate

Mai Vi II Restaurant Yonge St. Toronto

Mai Vi II Restaurant

Yonge St. Toronto

Scope: new restaurant in existing 125 sq.m. commercial tenant space

Stephen's Role: prepared permit drawing of restaurant layout and rendering of proposed facade

Consultant: Endes + Andes Design + Build

Client: TRE

Accessibility Improvement to Main Entry

19 Duncan Street, Toronto, Ontario

Scope: existing century old mercantile building was made accessible by ramp and power door operator

Stephen's Role: prepared design drawings; encroachment agreement documents; prepare permit drawings and construction drawings; prepare site instructions and construction progress review

Consultant: Paul Didur Architect Inc.

Client: Greenwin Propery Management

Michael-Angelo's Supermarket

Interior Design

Scope: custom store fixtures, interior finishes and interior signage for independent supermarket

Stephen's Role: design of bakery displays, deli department banner, floral counter, display wedges; graphic design for sign fabrication

Consultants: Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant
Ruth Mora, lead designer

Contractor: Cayuga, CCW, Bullseye, Venture

Client: Angelico Investments Inc.

Michael-Angelo's Marketplace - 3000 Hwy. 7, Markham

Scope: new 2 storey, 3,500 sq.m. retail, commercial and office building

Stephen's Role: prepare site plan approval documents, permit and construction drawings, conduct some site reviews and some site meetings, prepare contract administration instructions and changes; prepare area certificates; review of tenant's signage for conformance with the SPA

Consultants:  Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant

Contractor: Bird Construction Inc.

Client: Angelico Investments Inc.

Hakim Warehouse Outlet, the Queensway, Toronto

Scope: alter street face to suit Hakim branding; sub-divide space for tenants

Stephen's Role: preliminary design options and renderings; provide site instructions, change orders, and shop drawing review

Consultants: Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant

Contractor: MJ Dixon Construction Ltd.

Hakim Building, Toronto - 55 Dundas St. East

Scope: new 5 storey retail & office building, integrated with existing brick building

Stephen's Role: administrate site plan approval and encroachment application; produce renderings; building code review; building envelope detailing; engineering coordination; produce tender documents; field review; shop drawing review

Consultants: Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant

Contractor: MJ Dixon Construction Ltd.