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Institutional / Industrial

Selected Projects


Pilot Plant, New Suspended Ceiling

Guelph Food Research Centre

Scope: replace 200 sq.m. ceiling finish of existing Bio-Safety Level 2 lab (operating as BSL-3)

Stephen's Role: site investigation of existing condition, including proposed solution and costing of options; design of new Level II lab details for the new ceiling finish; tender document conformance review on site

Consultants: Moon-Matz Ltd., prime consultant

Contractor: Dakon Construction Ltd.

Client: AAFC

Fireproofing Repair

Mechanical Penthouse

Scope: remove and replace existing 660 sq.m. ceiling area of existing fireproofing

Role: Prime Consultant; Investment Analysis Report; tender documents; contract administration; as-built documents

Consultants: none

Contractor: Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc.

Client: MLPM

Caravan Logistics

Warehouse Addition

Scope: preliminary design of additional pallet racking addition, with new dock, to existing warehouse

Role: preliminary design of plan and elevations for review with client under Paul's direction

Consultants: Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant

Contractor: n/a

Construction Cost: n/a

Client: CL

Caravan Logistics Ontario


Firestation 7-5
Woodbridge, Ontario

Scope: additional apparatus bay for new rescue truck; new dormitory and new kitchen; interior alterations for new exercise room; replacement of interior finishes

Stephen's Role: architect sub-consultant

Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd., M/E/S

Client: City of Vaughan

Russian Orthodox Church Representation, Toronto

Cassie Campbell Community Centre
Building Envelope Assessment

Scope: provide site investigation and report for water damage at party wall between police station and ice rink

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd., prime consultant

Client: City of Brampton

Good Neighbours Club
Toronto, Ontario

Scope: repair of historically valuable building face; interior alterations of staff offices; repair of kitchen and dining hall; new interior finishes in club member areas; new safety features in main stairwell

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd., prime consultant

Client: City of Toronto

Edenbridge Community Centre
Etobicoke, Ontario

Scope: interior alterations, window replacement, universal design compliance, 16 sq.m. addition and barrier free rear deck for existing 353 sq.m. community centre with programs for seniors; conversion of Bocce court into multipurpose space

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd., prime consultant

Client: City of Toronto

Cedarbrooke Community Centre
Scarborough, Ontario

Scope: provide site investigation, review of tender documents for architectural components of waterproofing and water damage repair

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd., prime consultant

Client: City of Toronto

Russian Orthodox Church Representation, Toronto

Russian Orthodox Church Representation in Toronto, Parish of St. Tikhon

Scope: demolition of existing church (formerly a single family home); site plan approval application; design of building shell and interior; universal design compliance; building permit drawings and construction documents; construction review 

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: ESTI, mechanical; Dynamic Designs & Engineering, electrical; Arium Design Group, landscape; Building Experts of Canada, site service engineer

Client: Archpriest Sergei Rasskazovskiy

Glebe Reggio Centre Sunnyside
Ottawa, Ontario

Scope: convert existing single family house into daycare centre for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers; 3rd floor music room; outdoor play space; delivery parking; fire exit stairwell addition and finished basement for mechanical, kitchen, staff room and director's office

Stephen's Role: architect

Consultant: Estructura, structural; BA Design Ltd., mechanical & electrical; Escape Fire Protection, sprinkler

Contractor: Cannonbye Construction Ltd.

Morant Bay Retirement Home

Morant Bay, Jamaica

Scope: schematic design and drawings for permit to construct 350 sq.m. retirement residence with indoor amenities and 10 beds.

Stephen's Role: architect

Client: Techwave Communications Inc.

Gateway Church - Feasibility Study

Whitby, Ontario

Scope: cost evaluation and preliminary design for conversion of flea market barn building into church and office space

Stephen's Role: architect

Client: Gateway Church COTN

Gateway Church - Feasibility Study  Whitby, Ontario

Eastern Beaches Bathing Station

Rendering of Proposed Addition

Toronto, Ontario

Scope: provide rendering of proposed alterations to exisitng building for public meeting and inter-department distribution

Stephen's Role: produce 3D model and renderings

Consultant: Moon-Matz Ltd.

Client: City of Toronto

St. Volodymyr Cutural Centre

Chapel Addition

Scope: new 110 seat orthodox chapel for funeral and wedding functions, integrated with existing banquet hall

Stephen's Role: preliminary design renderings; site plan approval drawings; building code review; working drawings; engineering coordination; building detail design; shop drawing review

Consultants: Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant

Consultec Ltd., M/E/S

Client: SVCC Banquet Hall

Fire & Emergency Services, Station 307

Fire & Emergency Services, Station 307

Paramedic Services Satellite Station Addition

Scope: 95 sq.m. training room, 225 sq.m. paramedic station, including ambulance bay & employee facility

Stephen's Role: building code review; design development of site plan, floor plan and elevations,construction drawings; specifications; engineering coordination,preparation of site plan approval and  committee of adjustment documents,prepare change notices and site instructions

Consultant: Paul Didur Architect Inc.

Contractor: WS Morgan Construction Ltd.

Client: Town of Caledon

Child and Youth Services Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Scope: 120 sq.m. one storey brick veneer building; remediation of brick damage and interior water damage,replace through wall flashing

Stephen's Role: site audit of existing conditions; prepare specifications; provide construction review; prepare certificates of payment; prepare site instructions and change orders

Consultant: Paul Didur Architect Inc.

Contractor: Colonial Restoration

Client: CBRE

Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness

Youth Centre Expansion

Scope: addition for new youth room space, indoor rock climbing tower and indoor skateboard half-pipe

Stephen's Role: preliminary design layout, assist Paul at client meetings, contract administration, site review of construction progress and deficiencies

Consultants: Paul Didur Architect Inc., prime consultant

Moon-Matz Ltd., M/E/S

Client: Town of Caledon